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Day 1 Day 2
Day 1 - Wednesday, 28 July 2010
0830 Registration
0900 Opening address from the Chairperson
0915Keynote Address by Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia

“Building a community around your cause by attracting and engaging people”
0945 Building your brand online to increase bottomline of your organisation
  • Blogging vs. other traditional marketing tools
  • Increasing your company's profile in the world-wide-web
  • Influencing and moving people into action
  • Benefitting from blog's ability and flexibility in reaching both general and specific target market
Dato' Sri Tony Fernandes
Chief Executive Officer
Air Asia
1015 Momento Presentation
1020 Tea Break
1045 Understanding & Leveraging the Influence of Customer-Reviews for Your Brand

Beng Soo Ong
Professor of Marketing
California State University, U.S.A.
1130 Going social: How to communicate the advantage of social media business to the upper management
  • Utilising social media as a two-way engagement tool to develop relationship with your client
  • Analysing the role of social media as a much more cost effective alternative to reaching your audiences
  • Enhancing communication among employees, members, and stakeholders through social media

Rob Angeles
Founder and Author
Social Media Philippines, Philippines
1215 Blogger’s Highlight:
  • How do I go from 10,000 visitor per month to 1 million visitor per month using social media and Google
  • The importance of branding your blog from the first day you started blogging.
  • What is wrong with bloggers nowadays? Why you MUST NOT blog for money.
Ahmad Nazuwan
BeautifulNara, Malaysia
1245 Lunch Break
1400 Blogger’s Highlight:
Blogging - a new generation of information and lifestyle

  • KinkyBlueFairy - history, statistics and making it a full time job
  • Online advertising - its rise in Malaysia, and pros & cons
  • Social media platforms - the different types and using it to your advantage
Joyce Wong
KinkyBlueFairy, Malaysia
1430 Galvanizing stakeholder support: Three steps to more motivated and committed online engagement
  • What is the connection between online and offline worlds which is essential to galvanizing support?
  • How do you think about your brand persona and the invitation it extends to stakeholders?
  • What is the (not so) secret sauce which moves audiences to action?
  • Which case studies best exemplify the lessons being shared?

Michael Netzley
Assistant Professor of Corporate Communication Practice, Singapore
2010 Fellow, Society for New Communications Research, U.S.A.
1515 Social Media Advertising in Malaysia: True Stories
  • Lessons in effectiveness: Based on a study of 30 online campaigns ran in Malaysia
  • The shift from Banner Ads to Social Media Ads in Malaysia
  • Advertising on social media vs Advertising in social media
  • Social media influence amongst Malaysian youths: What does the data tell us?
  • What media agencies, advertisers, and digital agencies say
Khailee Ng
Executive Director
Youth Asia, Malaysia
1545 Engaging and connecting with multicultural audience
  • What is social media culture?
  • Analyzing trends in multicultural online, mobile consumption and spending habits
  • Engaging ethnic consumers using specific cultural indicators both superficially and more profoundly
Paul Moss
General Manager - Platforms, Technology, and New Business
Alt Media Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Media Prima Berhad, Malaysia
1630 Social media conversation: How to gain trust and form relationship with your community

Donna Imson
QNet, Malaysia
1700 Special Address by Yang Berbahagia Dato' Raja Nong Chik bin Dato' Raja Zainal Abidin Minister of Federal Territories And Urban Wellbeing
1730 Memento Presentation
1740 Closing by the Chairperson

Day 2 - Thursday, 29 July 2010
0830 Registration
0900 Blogging and the law: Where should bloggers draw the boundary with their content?
  • Analysing current provision in law in relation to blogging practices
  • Should bloggers practice self-censorship? How far?
  • Is there a need to formulate a more blogger-friendly law? Is there any benchmark we can follow?

Eddie Law
Founder & Blogger &, Malaysia
0930Activating social media across the enterprise
  • Realigning your business to meet customer's demands for real-time communications
  • Formulating social media engagement framework and strategies
  • Communicating the new social media strategies of the company to the employee to ensure optimum performance
Thomas Crampton
Asia-Pacific Director
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Hong Kong
1015 Tea Break
1045 Blogger’s Highlight:

Crash course on WordPress
Find out how to profit from the world’s leading blogging platform and content management system for web sites

Oliver "Blogie" Robillo, Philippines
1145 Blogger’s Highlight:

Amit Varma
India Uncut, India
1215 Lunch Break
1330 Blogger’s Highlight:

Am I a journalist first, or a blogger?
  • Is a blogger a journalist?
  • Media convergence - what it means for the journalist?
  • Finding the angles - discovering which works best for each media
  • Breaking the story - The story goes online first
Niki Cheong, Malaysia
1400 Managing your personal information responsibly in social networks
  • Analysing the concept of online privacy in the world today.
  • Knowing the risks and understanding the importance of managing your personal information
  • Is there a need to have a separate personal and professional account? What are the pros and cons?
  • Going back to basic: Reviewing and using privacy settings available within your social media

Ahmad Izham Khairuddin
Head of Outreach Department
CyberSecurity, Malaysia
1430 Blogger’s Highlight:

How To Work With Social Media Influencers
  • How to convince a social media influencer / the online community to broadcast your brand
  • Considerations before approaching an influencer
  • Case studies on successful online brand communication

Kenny Sia, Malaysia
1500 Managing online reputation of your brand
  • Monitoring online conversation and engaging with customers to promote yourself in the best channel
  • Responding to online review selectively and put yourself in a positive light
  • Advertising online to increasing traffic and in turn obtaining customer information

Iim Fahima Jachja
Online Marketing Communication Strategist
Virtual Consulting, Indonesia
Freedom of Speech and Blogging: Finding the Harmony
  • Should there be a limit to freedom of speech?
  • What is safe and ethical blogging practices?
  • Discovering proper etiquette and handling of blogs
  • Communicating content regulations effectively to the blogging community

Chaired by: (to be continued)


Joyce Wong
Datuk Ahirudin Attan@Rocky Bru
rocky's bru
Kenny Sia
Oliver "Blogie" Robillo
Mindanao Bloggers Community
Ahmad Nazuwan
Amit Varma
India Uncut
Marina Mahathir
Rantings byMM
Niki Cheong
1700 Presentation of Token of Appreciations
1710 Closing remark by Chairman and End of the conference

* All listed VIPs / Speakers / Panellist have been listed on invited basis


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